Friday, May 28, 2010

Two candidates, two positions, one commonality

The people of House District 15B awoke this morning to a news article about the two remaining DFL candidates who have entered the race to be their representative.  They have a choice between a candidate that wants to tax our purchases of clothing, and one that wants to tax small business owners who choose to take their business income on their individual income tax form:
Dorholt and Lewis both adhere to the DFL position that the state must raise taxes to resolve its deficit. Lewis says she’d consider eliminating state sales tax exemptions for clothing and other exemptions. Dorholt says an income tax hike on high earners would be the least onerous option for a tax increase.
Some choice.  The common feature is that both candidates from the DFL support a higher level of state spending and the intrusion of the state deeper into our lives.  One wants to tax the very same producers whose entrepreneurship is vital to our economic recovery.  The other wants to tell poor families that their children's blue jeans should cost an extra 7.375% at Crossroads Mall.

Regardless of the choice local DFL voters make in August, voters will have a clear choice in November.  I will vote against either of these tax increases should they come before me in 2011 as your representative from District 15B.  We can balance the next biennium's budget without a tax increase.  It only takes the will and a belief that government can perform its vital functions with the amount of money we are projected to have. 

In its last forecast, the Department of Finance projected revenues in the next biennium to rise to $32.9 billion from this biennium's $31.1 billion.  That's a 2.85% annual rate of growth.  Don't you think they have enough?  My opponents say no.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Press release on announcement of retirement of Rep. Haws

King Banaian, endorsed candidate for the Minnesota House of Representatives from District 15B, gave the following statement after the retirement of Representative Larry Haws.

"I thank Representative Haws for his five years of service in the Legislature to the people of St. Cloud," Banaian said.  "Rep. Haws will be remembered as a hard worker and leader in this community."

"We have much work to do now, to continue to talk to the people of St. Cloud about how we can hold state government accountable to its promises and to make it live within its means.  I look forward to hearing many good ideas from residents of our district, and to taking those ideas to St. Paul in January."

Banaian lives in St. Cloud with his wife, Barbara, and their daughter. House District 15B includes the northern and eastern portions of St. Cloud, and Haven Township.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Statement on DFL budget balancing bill

King Banaian, endorsed candidate for Minnesota House District 15B, issued this statement the day after the Minnesota Legislature passed H.F. 2037, a bill that includes tax increases to balance the 2010.

"Last night my opponent voted to increase taxes on small businesses and what he considers wealthy Minnesotans," Banaian said.  "The last Economic Update from the Finance Department cited consumer confidence and sentiment being 'mired' at low levels and 'lingering employment concerns, slow wage growth, and tight credit are likely to inhibit household spending until 2011.'  Even if you believe Minnesotans don't pay enough, this is a terrible time to raise taxes."

"But we do pay enough.  The DFL bill that Rep. Haws voted for would give Minnesota the 4th highest marginal tax rate in the country on incomes of $200,000.  Higher rates in California have done nothing to cure their budget problems.  Why does Larry Haws think this is a good example to emulate?"

"The answer to every DFL problem is to look at small businesses as an ATM from which they can cover their need for more money.  They have enough; the real need in Minnesota is to reduce spending, not raise taxes.  Rep. Haws had the opportunity to balance the budget by ratifying Governor Pawlenty's spending reductions but voted against that.  When I get to St. Paul, we will set priorities that do not ask already-generous Minnesotans for more," Banaian concluded.

King Banaian is an economist who is running to represent north and east St. Cloud and Haven Township in the Minnesota House of Representatives